This page was built to host all of the software that is used at Huntingdon College.
Most of the links on this page reference a site known as "Ninite" which is a free
downloading service for many commonly used software packages.

Simply click on the software that you would like to download and run the program when
it finishes saving to your computer.

Standard Programs
7zip CDBurnerXP Chrome Firefox
iTunes MalwareBytes Java OpenOffice
Skype Spotify Thunderbird VLC

Other Programs

Please note that some or all of the programs listed beyond this point may come with optional
downloads. Make sure to uncheck any checkboxes and read the Terms and Conditions to verify that
you are only downloading the program(s) that you specifically want.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader allows for the viewing of PDF files.

AVG is the business-grade antivirus that Huntingdon College uses for laptops and desktops. When this
installer completes, you will need to open AVG and assign it our business license by doing the following:

1) Double-click the new AVG icon on your desktop.

2) Click the "Anti-virus Free" tab.

3) On this new screen click on the "Menu" option and then "About".

4) Click on "Subscription" and "Enter License".

From here you can enter our business license as follows:

If you already have AVG but need to reactivate the account, restart your computer, select "Activate"
when the AVG dialog appears, and type in the license as shown above. In both cases your computer will
need to restart to make the needed changes after you have entered the new license.

MS Office 2016
Microsoft is now offering Office 2016 and Office 365 for free to students, faculty, and staff. To receive
these products you must go to the link provided and sign up using your Hawks email. This will register
your Hawks email as a Microsoft account so that you can use it for their services.

Once registered and logged in you will see that Office 365 is available to you free of charge and in
the top right corner you may download Office 2016. You may do this for up to 5 desktops/laptops and an
additional 5 phones/tablets.